TEDnesday: What Adults Can Learn From Kids

As adults, we spend more time teaching and telling than we do learning and listening. One of my favorite blog posts is the Dear Jr High Becca letter I wrote to a younger version of myself. It’s full of things I’ve learned since then and advice I’d give to my younger self. And fair enough I suppose – we’ve learned a lot along our journeys and aren’t the insecure, pimply, sweaty, brace-faced versions we once were.

Maybe there is a Conservation of Knowledge theory out there – that as we grow into our adult selves, we must dismiss and replace pieces of our younger selves. I hope this isn’t true and I hope we can regain some of the curiosity, wonder, and bravery that we had as 8 year olds.

This week’s TEDnesday post is from an ambitious 12 year old, Adora Svitak:

What have you learned from children? Lessons from your own nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, grandbabies, neighbor kiddos?

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