Follow Friday: Stacy Oliver & Ann Marie Klotz

The concept of Follow Fridays stems from Twitter and is a way to recognize people you have connected with and suggesting others follow them too. As much as I love the 140 characters of that platform, sometimes it’s just not enough to show gratitude. This is the first Follow Friday blog post of what I hope will be a series of people I value and resources worth sharing.

I admire Stacy Oliver-Sikorsi’s ability to speak her mind – and her awareness that her opinion may not be the popular one. Though she has decided to blog less frequently as of late, her posts still pack a punch and make you think. Most recently she shared her thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg’s recently released (and highly talked about) book Lean In. I haven’t read it yet, but I appreciate her skepticism and criticism of a book that is already so highly acclaimed by others. Sometimes I agree with her, and other time I just appreciate that she makes me challenge and defend my own ideals and perspectives. Connect with Stacy on Twitter @StacyLOliver.

As I progress professionally I look to mentors whose paths I can learn from; Ann Marie Klotz is a woman who blazes her own trail and leaves a road map for those who will come after her. She has stellar follow through and follow up. Her cards are immaculately printed, perfectly timed, and thoughtful. Though I have not worked with her directly, I know this same dependability carries through into her professional life as well. As I continue down my own career path, I look to AMK as a role model of professionalism, drive, motivation, and courage. Connect with Ann Marie on Twitter @AnnMarieKlotz.

(Additional thanks to Student Affairs: Women Talk Tech blog post for the initial inspiration for this post/series.)

Who are you learning from this week?


  1. Ann Marie Klotz says:

    Becca, you are simply a stunning example of generosity and kindness. This post made my day, week, month! :) Thanks for being an amazing role model for so many. I am grateful to know you! :)

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