Follow Friday: Feminism, Beauty, Running, HeyKu, TimeHop

As I work on expressing more gratitude and finding joy in the every day moments, I’ve started posting an expanded version of Follow Friday tweets. 140 characters feels insufficient for the thanks and appreciation I have to show these days.

Although I don’t feel like I’ve spent a lot of time with social media this week, the time I have spent connected has introduced me to a few people, blogs, and apps that I’ve found worth sharing. Earlier this week I shared two things I’d read from SoulPancake and Hannah Brechner, two pieces that celebrate pausing and enjoying the little things and the people in life that are too often overlooked.

Kristen Rupert (aka my best friend, aka Buckets of Sunshine) wrote a piece on Beauty for the Women in Student Affairs Blog this week. Here’s hoping we hear her voice in the blogosphere more often now that the academic year is winding down! Nudge, nudge.

I’ve already mentioned Sean Eddington in a Follow Friday post, but I’m going to recommend him yet again this week. Sean wrote a guest blog post for the Feminist Friday series, also on the Women in Student Affairs Blog: The Fierce Urgency of Now. It’s a great example of how men can be feminists. Feminism isn’t about burning bras and not shaving your underarms — it’s about embracing and celebrating the power and beauty and strength of women, and something we can all do, no matter what walk of life we come from.

Kevin Valliere is relatively new to blogging, but he has been churning out consistent and quality content since he started writing. This week he wrote about the connection and reflection he’s gleaned through running. His Macklemore and Masculinity post is another one worth reading – a great take on the meaning behind the music.

And a few fun apps I’ve been playing with this week:

HeyKu guides you through writing short haiku-ish posts. The posts are limited by wordcount (not syllable) and includes prompts if you’re stuck on what to write. The app is only about a week old, so the community is still very small – but it’s a fun way to sneak some creative writing/thinking into your day.

Woke up with the sun/Earlier than I'd like, but/ Relishing the extra quiet moments

Woke up with the sun/Earlier than I’d like, but/ Relishing the extra quiet moments

TimeHop is a daily digest of your posts from this day in history. Every morning you receive an update (currently only available for iOS or via email) of your Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram Photos, and Foursquare check-ins from the past. It’s a fun way to resurface memories that might otherwise be lost to the depths of the internet. Today’s digest included the picture of the first place Jon and I lived together:

Our first house!

Our first house!

 Who and what are bringing you Joy this week?

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