Announcing My New Project: From Becca’s Bookshelf

I’ve loved reading since I picked up my first Golden Book and memorized every word of it. That copy of Katie the Kitten still sits in Grammy’s living room, in the pint sized rocking chair where I read it. As a little girl, I dreamed of a library like Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast. Truthfully, I still long for a library and reading room in my house. I competed in Power of the Pen writing competitions in junior high and soaked up every lecture in AP English. When that wasn’t enough, I added a European Literature class as an independent study course. My college years were iconically Liberal Arts – I spent four years reading the classics, analyzing the texts, and wearing my thrifted oxford blue button down shirt. 

Since completing graduate school and spending a few years on the job, I finally have the time to read for pleasure again. Admittedly, I enjoyed reading my grad school textbooks too – but it’s just not quite the same as reading something unassigned. I’ve been on a quest to read 52 Books in 52 Weeks for the last few years and am determined to accomplish it before I turn 30 (I still have a few tries left).

Because of my love of books (and tendency to talk about them to anyone who will listen) I often get asked for book suggestions. I’ve documented some book reviews here (2011 and 2012) and on Goodreads, but am going to make it a point to consolidate these review and make them easier to share with people who are looking for recommendations. Now we’re getting to the meat of this post!

Peak into one my office bookshelves

Peak into one my office bookshelves

Starting in January, I’m going to start posting a series of book reviews and recommendations more frequently – From Becca’s Bookshelf. My reading list is constantly growing – but I am always looking for recommendations. Feel free to add your favorites to my list and connect with me on GoodReads. My reviews will reflect my reading – so look forward to a variety of fiction, self-help, business, poetry, and creative non-fiction reads.

I’m sharing my plans a month in advance to allow myself some planning time – and to hold myself accountable for them. The most challenging (and exciting!) part of this project is going to be the video component. I’m a writer who loves to write, but I’m going to dabble in video reviews as well. I’ve done a few videos, but on the whole, this is going to be a new adventure for me.

As much as I love getting lost in books, talking about them with other people can make the experience so much greater.

What’s the best book you’ve read this year? Share in the comments and/or add them to my crowd-sourced Google Doc. What would you like to see From Becca’s Bookshelf?

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