Follow Friday: Mallory Bower & Amma Marfo

As I work on expressing more gratitude and finding joy in the every day moments, I’ve started posting an expanded version of Follow Friday tweets. 140 characters feels insufficient for the thanks and appreciation I have to show these days.

Mallory Bower

If you’re not already reading blog posts and tweets from Mallory Bower, now would be a great time to start. Mallory is contemplative and introverted – but dynamic, spunky, brilliant, and will push some of your buttons. In the last week alone, she has shared 3 solid blog posts Make Your Move, Be Encouraging Quarterbacks and Coaches, and Chairwoman of the Board. Mallory also shared a link to the best blog post I read this week Do Whatever You F*cking Want (explicit, but so, so good!) She is a university career coach by day – and a runner, chef, writer, explorer, animal hoarder by night. She also walked down the aisle to the theme from Jurassic Park – so you know she’s good people.

Read her blog and connect with her on twitter @MalloryBower.

Amma Marfo

Like many of my student affairs colleagues, I met Amma first through Twitter and then was formally introduced at a conference some time later. When I started using it, Twitter was small and it was easy to feel connected and BFFy with everyone, quite different from the super-saturated streams that exist now. Amma’s clear and thoughtful tweets stand out in this sea of 140 character blasts. I appreciate the way Amma thinks and writes, especially her recent post to Talk Up, Not Across, To Create Change. Speaking of Amma’s writing, keep your eyes peeled or a book announcement this fall – her goal is to finish it this summer. (Nudge, nudge Amma!)

Read her blog and connect with her on twitter @AmmaMarfo

Who are you following this week? What are you reading?


  1. Teri says:

    Kind, True & Necessary- 3 reasons why I love your blog posts & FF’s Becca.
    Although I have not met Mallory or Amma your words reflect all that I have seen online. They are smart, generous and powerful women. Your kind words are stronger because they are true and I hope they will empower both women to keep doing what they are doing, take even more risks and add even more value. Mallory’s insights on social media use in Career Services are spot on. Amma’s thoughtful and uplifting tweets to others impacted by the Boston bombing demonstrated both her compassion and positivity. Becca your words are also necessary because we need strong women to shine the spotlight on other women who are doing great work. We needed this on Friday and we need all who read this to do it…in their own way- everyday! With appreciation and admiration~ T

    • Becca says:

      Thank you Teri. Social Media has made connecting with great people so easy – I’m happy to be a connector and to introduce others to the great people I’ve met and admire. As always, I appreciate your support and kindness as well!

  2. Mallory says:

    Wow, Becca! What an honor to be listed… and with the fabulous Amma Marfo! Big time blushing. (To clarify, though– we’re not animal hoarders, we’re collectors.) ;)

  3. Amma says:

    Thank you so much for this, Becca! It’s truly high praise, considering I am such a fan of both Mal’s and yours. Thanks for the nudge, here’s hoping the fall brings good news on that front!

    And Mal, like it or not, after hearing about this Jurassic Park aisle business, we just became best friends! ;)

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