Find What Brings You Joy and Do More Of It

Somehow or another, we’re halfway through 2013 already and it’s a good time to check in on new year’s resolutions. I took stock of my One Word Resolution and am thrilled to look back at all of the joy that’s been packed into these six months. When I set this intention in January, I planned to Find what brings me joy and do more of it.  That initial list included:

Reading. Family. Writing. Learning. Yoga. Dancing. Creating. Serving. Cooking. Eating. Music. Listening.

I’ve also found joy in unexpected places. In one scenario it has been learning to call myself a runner, and running my own race. Two other times it has been doing one thing every day that scares me, – venturing into remote video presentations. Highlighting friends and colleagues in Follow Friday posts and with handwritten notes has given me a chance to appreciate those who have brought joy to my life.

I also ranted about our propensity to experience life from behind a camera, constantly capturing moments instead of experiencing them.  While I haven’t changed my stance in that article, I’m so thankful to have a collection of digital footprints to retrace as I reflect on these last six months. The gallery below highlights some of the moments that have brought me joy this year. For those of you more textually inclined, a summary of the photos is included below.


Joy Jar


CocoCaramel Tea


Journaling with my niece


Boots night out at the rodeo


Hiking with friends in Colorado


Playing in the snow with Jon and Conrad


OneWord Necklace


Girl Scout Cookies


Homemade weekend brunch


Pinterest Projects


Pinterest Projects


Sunrise run on the Vegas Strip


ACPA in Las Vegas


Spending time with 3 generations of family


OCPA Conference Planning Commitee


Building a fort in the living room


Boats and Books


ODU Runs for Boston 5k


Delta Zeta State Day at my Alma Mater


Alumni Volunteering for my Alma Mater Ashland University


CNN and Run For Boston


Dancing in the Basement


BFF Lady Dates - Golfing


BFF Lady Dates - Small Plates & Spiked Cider


BFF Lady Dates - Girls on the Run 5K


Learning to Grill


Reviving my CD collection and singing in the car


Cooking with Betty


Helping with Jessi & Caleb's engagement photos


Kindergarten graduation with my niece


Sharing books with friends


Making homemade jam with Mandi


BYOB Painting Class - Vincent Van NO


Run For Boston - Columbus Relay

Joy JarCocoCaramel TeaJournaling with my nieceBoots night out at the rodeoHiking with friends in ColoradoPlaying in the snow with Jon and ConradOneWord NecklaceGirl Scout CookiesHomemade weekend brunchPinterest ProjectsPinterest ProjectsSunrise run on the Vegas StripACPA in Las VegasSpending time with 3 generations of familyOCPA Conference Planning CommiteeBuilding a fort in the living roomBoats and BooksODU Runs for Boston 5kDelta Zeta State Day at my Alma MaterAlumni Volunteering for my Alma Mater Ashland UniversityCNN and Run For BostonDancing in the BasementBFF Lady Dates - GolfingBFF Lady Dates - Small Plates & Spiked CiderBFF Lady Dates - Girls on the Run 5KLearning to GrillReviving my CD collection and singing in the carCooking with BettyHelping with Jessi & Caleb's engagement photosKindergarten graduation with my nieceSharing books with friendsMaking homemade jam with MandiBYOB Painting Class - Vincent Van NORun For Boston - Columbus Relay

Joy Jar. CocoCaramel Tea. Journaling with my niece. Boots night out at the rodeo. Hiking with friends in Colorado. Small plates and spiked cider. OneWord necklace. Girl Scout Cookies. Homemade Weekend Brunch. Pinterest Projects. Sunrise run on the Vegas Strip. ACPA in Las Vegas. Family time with 3 generations. OCPA Annual Conference Planning Committee. Building a fort in the living room. Boats and Books. ODU Runs for Boston 5K. Delta Zeta State Day. Alumni Volunteering with my Alma Mater – Ashland University. CNN. Basement Dancing. BFF Lady Dates. Learning to Grill. Reviving my CD Collection and singing in the car. Cooking with Betty. Helping with Jessi and Caleb’s engagement photos. Kindergarten Graduation. Sharing Books with Friends. Making Homemade Jam. BYOB Painting Class. One Run for Boston relay in Columbus.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a very joyful six months! Whether saying yes to invitations (jam making, yoga), trying new things (BYOB painting, video presentations, running), and reconnecting (ACPA, OCPA, family, Delta Zeta, and BFF dates) I’ve found joy in opening myself up to opportunities as they present themselves. It has been a challenge to stop and celebrate the small things, but one that is proving to be absolutely worth it. In the next six months, I’m looking forward to finishing the novel I started in November, finishing my 52 books in 52 weeks goal, training for my first half marathon, and whatever other adventures are in store for me.

How has your resolution changed your year? What can you do to re-energize it? 


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