Move, Ship, Wobble, Stretch

I choose a one-word resolution to inspire and guide me through 2011. Though I’m not compeltely certain of the projects origin, I think it stemmed from this Gretchen Rubin post: Happiness Resolutions. After some deliberation I settled on Move. When I chose my word I thought it was going to help guide me to push through the initial and final stages of projects, similar to Godin’s concept of shipping.

I think my focus changed early in the year when I chose my mantra:

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” Socrates

This quote has been hanging next to my desk all year and has been a daily reminder of my one word resolution. A lot of my focus this year has been on self-discovery, reflection, and personal development. So how have I moved this year?

I spent two weeks travelling with my husband in California and Las Vegas over the summer. We flew to San Francisco to see friends, drove the California coastline, and ended the trip with some friends and family in Las Vegas. Conferences and family travel took me to Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina this year too.

5k Race

This year I stretched physically and mentally. Taking care of myself became less about obsessing over the way my body looked in the past and more about the kind of health and wellness I want to have as an adult. I joined a fitness center early in the year, took my first Zumba class, and ran my first 5k this fall. For 30 days I challenged myself to exercise 30 minutes a day and to drink 64 oz of water– and I did it! And one late night at work, I learned how to wobble.

Lunch time moved from 20 minutes at my desk/checking emails to (an almost daily) hour-long lunch with friends away from our offices. I asked for help and found a supportive community of women, sponsors, and mentors. My time and company at the Women’s Leadership Institute helped me to stretch.

When I wrote my original resolution, I declared “I think it has the promise of giving me more motivation and direction to be in a new and better place at the beginning of 2012.” With only a few weeks left to go in the year, i can say for certain it has done this and so much more. I’m looking forward to choosing a new word and direction for 2012.

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I’ll continue to add to this list as new reflections are written. What was your resolution this year? 

4 thoughts on “Move, Ship, Wobble, Stretch

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  2. Great post Becca – after consideration of my one word, I think I’m going to Choose. (as in, Choose your attitude, choose your experiences, choose your priorities…) I choose to have a good year! Thanks Becca!

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