Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You

I’ve heard this quote dozens of times and nodded my head in agreement, but generally disregarding it as advice for my life. I wouldn’t categorize myself as much of a risk taker or thrill seeker – in fact, I’m quick to categorize myself as a risk manager. By virtue of accepting invitations and saying Yes, I found myself stepping way outside my comfort zone.

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Do one thing every day that scares you.

My first Video Presentation: Using Blogs for Student Leadership Development

Thanks to a gracious invitation from Ann Marie Klotz, I presented at the Student Affairs Technology unConference: Oregon, albeit virtually. The video presenters were asked to create a Ted Style talk about how we use technology in our work. As soon as you attach “Ted” to a talk, it becomes infinitely more intimidating (or at least it does for me!). I love presenting, but have always been self-conscious about seeing myself on camera or hearing my voice recorded. Give me a projection screen, a topic I’m passionate about, and a cute pair of shoes for extra confidence – and I’m set.

Trying anything for the first time is especially difficult, but I’ve found that the energy spent worrying is almost always for naught. After expending lots of mental energy and two takes, I’d say it turned out well!

Where the magic happens (outside your comfort zone)

Where the magic happens (outside your comfort zone)


What can you do today to challenge yourself? 


  1. Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing your video Becca! My office went old-school this year as well when we started a blog that would add to our social media strategy. The students who work in our office, are the writers & I serve as their blog wrangler. They could write on just about anything, as long as it career-related in some way. Some shared their personal journeys of changing majors, applying to grad school, or embarking on the job search. Others shared articles they read or reviewed resources we offer through our office. While the growth of each writer might not be apparent to the reader, I see it with every post they submit to be published. They’ve become more confident & comfortable in their writing style. So basically, I completely agree that blogging is a great tool facilitate growth and reflection.

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