TEDnesday: Hannah Brencher & Chimamanda Adichie

Since posting my first TEDnesday post last week, I’ve kept an eye out for TED talks others have shared and have picked a two favorites to share here.I hope you’ll join me in celebrating leadership, innovation, and discovery.  My goal is to find videos that elicit responses, conversations, and critical thinking.

Hanna Brencher: Love Letters to Strangers

Do you want to see a college student make a difference? Watch Hannah Brencher’s talk of transitioning beyond Social Media and into handwritten letter through The World Needs More Love LettersI love her emphasis of taking our feelings, experiences, and love offline and on paper.

Chimamanda Adichie

This was one of the first TED talks I’d ever seen, and still the most powerful. I first watched a clip from it at the National Leadership Symposium in 2009 and was instantly moved by it. I’ve always known myself as a reader and story lover, but his talk began a transition in the way I thought about storytelling, power, and privilege.

I would love to hear your reactions to these videos and your recommendations on what to watch in the next week. 

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